The FeelSafe Bed is suitable as a friendly alternative for physical fixation or sedating medication. The FeelSafe does not only increase the safety, it also provides the users with a sense of security and protection. The FeelSafe Bed can be deployed for people with an increased risk of falling, such as vulnerable elderly people, highly emaciated residents, restless residents with wandering behaviour or residents with a form of acute confusion and/or delirium. Just like our other canopy beds the FeelSafe Bed helps in providing a confined space with fewer external stimuli which for a lot of patients brings rest. As a consequence the usage of sedatives and physical fixation can be reduced significantly. The FeelSafe bed is electrically adjustable in height. Even though being less restrictive in comparison with other restraints the FeelSafe bed is a restraining intervention and must be prescribed by a licensed physician or by an authority with a legal competence to prescribe restraint products. The bed must be used under direct supervision and direct authority of the medical team.

Additional information
• Has a comfort mattress (included in the confined mattress compartment)
• Has a mattress topper with incontinence cover (to be used in the canopy bed)
• Characterised by its padded canopy frame, preventing injuries
• Is accessible from both long sides of the bed
• Can be combined with different patient lifts
• Is electrically adjustable in height
• Is not equipped with lying surface adjustments
• Cannot be opened from the inside by the client
• Central brake system by use of integrated wheels
• Easily moveable

Technical specifications
• Lifting range: 40-80 centimetres
• Dimensions: 165 (h) x 104 (w) x 216 (l) cm
• Dimensions lying surface: 90 (w) x 200 (l) cm
• Maximum weight of user: 150 kilograms
• Art. Nr. X-BT002


  • Over 30 years of experience with risk situations arising from restlessness in healthcare
  • Delivery directly from our stock


  • DoC according MDR2017/745
  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485

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