For pediatric patients who disrupt medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/catheter, or are prone to self-injury. Limb holders fit both ankle and wrist. Double-strap tie with a hook and loop closure that facilitates easy adjustment. 

The following sizes are available:
Fixy Mini Small: 12cm x 3cm (Artikel: X-MKK-BLH001)
Fixy Mini Large: 18cm x 4cm (Artikel: X-MKK-BLH002)

Remaining information:
Size box: 36cm x 52cm x 63cm
Box weight: Small 6,3 kg | Large 7,15 kg
Amount: 24 x 12 pieces


You can download the product manual here.



  • Over 30 years of experience with risk situations arising from restlessness in healthcare
  • Delivery directly from our stock


  • DoC according MDR2017/745
  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485

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