X-BT004 | FeelSafe Pro Canopy Bed

The FeelSafe Pro canopy bed is suitable for patients/residents that benefit from a confined space with less external stimuli. It is developed to respond to complicated situations which may occur, particularly in acute care. The FeelSafe Pro helps to get more grip on restlessness, disorientation, impulsive behaviour, agitation and fears. By using the FeelSafe Pro the use of directy physical restraints and sedatives could be reduced. The FeelSafe Pro is a restraining measure and needs to be prescribed by a licensed doctor.

• Accessible on all sides;
• Easily accessible with a (passive) hoist and/or ceiling lift;
• All lying surface adjustments;
• Fitted with openings for IV lines, probes ans catheter.
Additional information:

• Has a comfort mattress (included in the confined mattress compartment)
• Has a mattress topper with incontinence cover (to be used in the canopy bed)
• Is equipped with padded frame to prevent injury
• Has a CPR-lever
• Can be opened from all sides
• Can be combined with different patient lifts
• Is electrically adjustable in height
• Is equipped with all lying surface adjustments
• Is suitable for the use of a catheter and infusion lines
• Has a central braking system
• Is easily moveable

Technical specification:

• Lifting range: 40-80 centimetres
• Dimensions (in the lowest position): 160 (h) x 100 (b) x 210 (l) centimeter
• Dimensions (in the highest position): 200 (h) x 100 (b) x 210 (l) centimeter
• Dimensions lying surface: 90 (w) x 200 (l) cm
• Maximum weight of user: 165 kilograms

  • Over 30 years of experience with risk situations arising from restlessness in healthcare
  • Delivery directly from our stock


  • DoC according MDR2017/745
  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485

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